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Over the past  6+ years as the major electronics companies evolved the consumer LCD monitor/TV market.OPD has played a key role enabling the commercial and industrial display market with its LCD Controllers.

OPD was founded in March 2016. Over its 6 year history it has tracked the developments in LCD display technology to provide highly reliable electronics enabling LCD monitors and video displays in a very broad range of non-consumer applications. At this time the input signals were typically VGA/DVI/HDMI/DP/SDI/AV/SDI.
In 2019, LCD panel resolution for the non-consumer market extends to 3840x2160 (usually referred to as Ultra-HD or 4K) and higher with the common panel interfaces being LVDS, eDP and V-by-One. Sizes are up to 110" diagonal and the common aspect ratio is 16:9 ,4:3,5:4.



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