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Quality standard and purchase guide of plastic food box

At present, there are a variety of fresh-keeping boxes in the market, as many as hundreds of kinds, which make consumers dazzled. But what kind of fresh-keeping box is a healthy, safe and truly fresh-keeping high-quality fresh-keeping box? The following methods are summarized.

Standard of high quality plastic food box

1. Material/material: at present, most fresh-keeping boxes are made of PC and PP materials, but fresh-keeping boxes that really reach 100% food grade PC/PP (polypropylene) materials are healthy and safe.

2. Sealing performance: sealing performance can isolate air and prevent food from Oxidative deterioration. Whether the structural design of the fresh-keeping box is reasonable or not is directly related to the quality of sealing performance.

3. Suitable temperature: high-quality plastic food box can withstand the temperature environment of 120 ℃ at the highest and 20 ℃ below zero.

4. Drop resistance: drop resistance can fully test the structure and service life of the plastic food box, and the fresh-keeping box of higher quality can still maintain its original fresh-keeping performance after several drop impacts.

Teach you how to choose plastic food box

1. Raw materials: at present, most of the plastic food boxes on the market adopt PC material and PP material which are harmless to human body. Consumers can compare the color and hardness of the two when choosing: PC material is white with softer hardness; PP material is light yellow with higher hardness than PC material.

2. Transparency: the PC or PP material used in the plastic food box is generally transparent or semitransparent. Consumers can compare the transparency to identify whether the material of the fresh-keeping box is pure or not.

4. Heat resistance: the high-quality fresh-keeping box has high heat resistance and will not deform in high-temperature water. It can even be disinfected in boiling water.

6. Sealing: this is the first point to consider when choosing fresh-keeping boxes. When consumers buy the fresh-keeping box, they can do a small experiment on the spot: put a certain amount of water into the fresh-keeping box, and then reverse it to check whether the water drips or seeps out. If not, it indicates that the fresh-keeping box has good sealing performance.

7. Fresh-keeping: the international standard of seal measurement is based on the moisture permeability test. The moisture permeability of high-quality fresh-keeping boxes is 200 times lower than that of similar products, which can keep things fresh for a longer time.

8. Space saving: high-quality plastic food boxes adopt scientific design with reasonable structure, which can effectively save the space for refrigerator and other places of fresh-keeping boxes.

9. Microwave heating: Superior plastic food box can directly heat food in microwave oven without deformation.

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